We have been using Microsoft Project 2016 for a while now at Projility. As consultants, we connect to various Microsoft Project Online and Project Server environments. We noticed recently, however, an error that we have never encountered before with a previous version of Microsoft Project. When trying to connect to a Project Online environment, we got the following message:

“The Server you are trying to access is using an authentication protocol not supported by this version of Office.”

We tried a number of things to get the error to go away, but we eventually figured out that this issue only occurs when a user is already logged into Microsoft Project with different credentials than the account that he or she is trying to connect to. We have never seen this issue when using any previous version of Microsoft Project, so it must be a new feature.

The Solution

Sign into Microsoft Project using the credentials of Project Online/Server account to which you are trying to connect.

If you need to constantly connect to multiple accounts:

  1. Click “Switch account.”
  2. Microsoft Project Online

  3. Then click “Add Account” and enter the credentials of the account that you wish to connect to.
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    Once you have added the necessary accounts, you will be able to connect to any of them.

    Keep in mind that this error should only impact consultants who are connecting to multiple Project Online environments. As a Project Manager, you only need to log in with your organization’s credentials.

    Stay tuned for more helpful Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online tips and advice on Tom’s Tech Talk.

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