The “cloud” is a buzzword that simply won’t go away – and for a good reason. Enterprises have finally realized its true value, both in terms of software and services. If your company isn’t taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer – especially in the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) arena – then there’s a good chance that you are impeding the future potential of your Project Management Office (PMO) to succeed.

What is the Cloud?

Although the cloud sounds airy and bright, it’s quite the opposite in reality. The cloud is basically a network of servers that run services and software via the internet. Instead of running applications locally on your computer or taking up valuable memory space, the cloud takes on that functionality for you – freeing up your local computers and servers for other purposes.


What Can the Cloud do for Your PPM?

When it comes to PPM, the cloud can offer many benefits. It takes a lot of coordination to manage the technologies, processes, and methodologies utilized within the PMO. The cloud can enable that framework in many ways – both organizationally and functionally.


The Top 10 Reasons to Migrate Your PPM to the Cloud

  1. Reduced Costs – PPM cloud solutions are typically offered as part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that you can purchase a plan or subscription based on your immediate needs – not what you think you may need down the road.
  2. Quicker ROI – SaaS solutions are designed to be deployed quickly, with minimal customization. Instead of spending a year upgrading hardware and tailoring an application to meet your needs, a cloud solution could be up and running within weeks.
  3. Lower IT Investment – Cloud-based PPM tools require no infrastructure investments and are essentially maintenance-free. Updates are performed automatically, and support is included in your subscription contract.
  4. Better Security – The major cloud service providers have security measures in place that would be cost-prohibitive to most smaller organizations. Additionally, with data secured in the cloud, your PMO does not have to worry about local storage options.
  5. Unlimited Scalability – Cloud-based PPM solutions are completely flexible and demand-driven. There are no limits on users or storage space, and if the economy experiences a downturn, you can scale back just as easily as you can scale up.
  6. Around-the-clock Accessibility – SaaS PPM options are accessible as long as you have an internet connection. Some providers even guarantee your uptime – which means that they have a financial interest in keeping you up and running.
  7. Critical Mobility – With the nature of today’s distributed workforce, it is necessary to have access to your PPM solution any place, at any time. Cloud solutions offer that mobility – and they support nearly every type of device that your PMO team may use.
  8. Enhanced Collaboration – Communication is key within the PMO. With centralized file sharing and real-time collaboration tools, cloud-based PPM options excel at keeping all stakeholders up-to-date.
  9. Less Risk – Reduced costs, lower IT investments, and flexible scalability all equal lower risk to your organization as a whole. Cloud-based PPM solutions also require less user training – which means less human capital investment as well.
  10. Increased Competitiveness – No matter how small your PMO may be, PPM SaaS offerings allow you to play like the big guys. You will always have access to the latest technology and updates – leveling the playing field with your competitors.

While on-premises solutions may have worked for your PMO in the past, will they be able to take you into the future?

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